A journey to unlock your heart so you can experience true intimacy, a lot more pleasure & a life that fulfills your deepest desires. 

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So you can attract a love beyond your wildest dreams


So you can feel beautiful, sexy, radiant, and happy again


So you can unhook from your past, and create a life that deeply fulfills you

To the badass, high achieving woman who has checked all the boxes...

Whatever your story - you've done everything you thought you were 'supposed' to do.

But it still doesn't feel like enough. 

Maybe you're bravely starting over, wondering what's next for you or really just ready for more- now it’s time to re-write your story. 

With YOU as the leading lady, the heroine of your life. 

Not you as a 'girlfriend, wife, mom, boss, or business owner'...

This story is JUST about you.

You have been everything to everyone, and now it’s time to become everything to you.

Join me in unlocking ALL the magic of who you are - your essence, your soul self, the wildly expressed woman within.

So you can cultivate a life that lights your soul on fire.



"In order to build your self-worth, you have to treat yourself like you are worthy."  

Kate Harlow

To the woman who... 

  • Has achieved great success, but feels like a failure in love
  • Feels like she lost herself in her marriage
  • Is tired of putting love on the back burner
  • Feels like she has it all figured out, except the love thing
  • Is scared to open her heart again
  • Is resentful of her past but is deeply longing to move forward
  • Wants to fall in love with her life, but doesn't know how

This journey is for you...

Hi, I'm Kate Harlow...


The Owner and Creator of The Expanded Love Method and co-host of The New Truth Podcast, A Modern Woman’s Guide to Extraordinary Love.  I've been coaching women for over 12 years, helping them cultivate deep self worth & love within themselves, so they can break free from painful relationship patterns. When a woman cleans up her sabotaging patterns - she opens herself up to deep intimacy, true connection & the beautiful love her heart has always desired. 

One of my greatest joys is helping women completely re-write their love story, starting with the love they have for themselves. With an innate ability to see where women are out of alignment in their lives, I fiercely guide them back to a deeper truth within – so they can finally create a life & love beyond their wildest dreams.

The Reclamation is for you if you…

  • Are ready to rewrite your love story
  • Desire to feel more beautiful, sexy, attractive & desirable again
  • Are ready for life to feel easy, pleasurable & fun
  • Want to experience deeper fulfilment in all aspects of your life
  • Are ready to learn how to truly put yourself first 
  • Desire to feel as successful in love - as you have in your career 
  • Want to be able to date with joy, playfulness and ease
  • Are committed to create a life you love
  • Are ready to open your heart so you can feel deeply inspired by life again
  • Want your kids to thrive after your divorce (if you have them)
  • Are ready to cultivate a deeply loving relationship with YOU! 
Yes, I am ready!

How The Reclamation has impacted other women...



When I met Kate, I was starting the divorce mediation process with my ex. I believed all my life staying married for my children was good, so I felt like a failure and ashamed that we were separating.  I felt heavily burdened by all of the expectations on how I “should be”, which was not in alignment with who I am inside. It was the most difficult time in my life. 

 Working with Kate was a perfect, embodied way to disrupt my old patterns.  I, for the first time in my life, deeply connected with my essence.  I also felt truly seen, valued, loved, and nourished. I feel reborn, sovereign and am embodying my true essence. 

 To close, I am going to share a part of a message my 14-year daughter wrote to me this week...  

"...You are one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. I look up to you; never forget that."  Thank you, Kate!


As a newly divorced Mom with young children, I had been in survival mode for a long time. Always putting myself and my needs last, but high achieving and appearing that I had it all figured out from the outside. I felt like I was stuck like I could see to the top of the mountain but I couldn't figure out how to get over it. 

Then I found Kate. While it might sound cliche, since I started working with her, every corner of my life has shifted dramatically. My biggest shift has come from learning to truly love myself, deeply and wholeheartedly. To source safety and security from within rather than from the external. I had done traditional therapy for many years but had never felt the massive transformation I have experienced with Kate. Kate's program and her natural coaching ability is a powerful and transformative combination. If you are tired of the same patterns and ready to step into a higher level of being, Kate will help you get there. I'm forever grateful for her!


When I turned to Kate, I was at an emotional rock bottom.  On the outside, my life was perfect - a great career, family, a house in the suburbs, the works.  I had climbed and worked hard and achieved all the things I thought I wanted.  But on the inside, I felt hopeless - depressed, devoid of joy, and absolutely confused.  Whose life was I living? It certainly wasn't mine.  My mind said, "but you're living the dream!"  So, why did I feel so empty, so sad, so depleted? The guilt was eating me alive

 After working with Kate, my life is beautifully, soulfully aligned with who I am.  I feel full and whole and radiant.  I transitioned out of a marriage that wasn't aligned, and I am designing a life I LOVE every single day. Kate saw my truth and gave me permission to come home to myself. 


How the Program works...

The Reclamation is an immersive, experiential program where you will learn how to cultivate time and space for yourself every day. The greatest gift you can give everyone in your life, is learning how to take care of the most important person - YOU! 
Each month, you'll have access to a video module with the elements of becoming the Heroine, to unlock your essence. There will be an assignment with each video, to deepen and integrate the transformation within you. You will have lifetime access to all of the teachings and workbooks. 
Once you register, you’ll get immediate access to the membership site and an invitation to our private Facebook community - where you'll connect with sisters who are alongside this journey with you. 
Below are the 6 Core Heroine Archetypes, that we will unlock on our journey together:
The Heroine: Your essence, your core, your soul self
The Innocent: Your heart, lightness, magnetism, joy, radiance
The Sage: Your inner guidance, intuition, wisdom & trust in life
The Sensuous: Your sensuality, pleasure, embodiment, sexy, irresistibility 
The Queen: Your boundaries, self worth, aligned communication
The Goddess: Wildly expressed, I don't give a f*ck what anyone thinks, bold expression of your heart



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