Kate Harlow is the Owner/Founder of The Unscript'd Woman - a mission to liberate women all over the world to throw away the script and create a life that lights up their own soul. She mentor women to have a healthy, thriving relationship within themselves - so they can experience vibrant, expansive, growth based relationships in their lives. I've coached and mentored thousands of people for almost 15 years - facilitating life changing love talks, workshops and retreats globally. Fiercely committed to helping women break free from the old, outdated, fantasy based paradigm of love - so they can experience real, liberated love in every facet of their lives.


Kate Harlow is the Owner and Creator of The Expanded Love Method. This infallible method helps women break free from old, painful relational patterns to become their highest, most magnetic version of themselves. She is a revolutionary Love Coach & Teacher with over 12 years experience, and the co-host of The New Truth Podcast. Kate is a masterful teacher, coach & influencer- and is known for awakening women to who they TRULY are. With an innate ability to see where women are out of alignment with themselves and in their lives, she fiercely guides them back to the deeper truth that is within.

Combining over a decade of coaching and teaching experience, background in counselling, business & love coaching, and years of navigating the depths of human beings and their complex emotional worlds – she created The Expanded Love Method, an infallible system that completely transforms a woman’s self worth from within. It’s a life changing process that awakens a Woman to her own unique irresistibility - activating ALL parts of her that have been previously shut down. When a woman awakens her deepest aspects of herself, she becomes a magnet to high quality love and her deepest desires.