Episode 207: Loving Again After Loss with Yvette Tarrant

Dec 19, 2023
Episode 207: Loving Again After Loss with Yvette Tarrant

In this incredibly powerful, potent episode Kate has a conversation with Life & Grief Coach Yvette Tarrant about losing someone you love - navigating the depth of grief, and how to come back to life again. If you have lost someone you love deeply, and are having a hard time finding your way back to yourself - this episode is for you.


About the Guest:

“I know what it means to say, ‘This is not how my life was supposed to be.’” – Yvette Tarrant

Yvette Tarrant is a Grief Transformation Coach and speaker, combining psychology with lived experience to guide others to move beyond grief and loss, to a conscious life of co-creation, infinite possibility, and radical personal responsibility. Every human being will know loss and grief – yet most will never realise the extraordinary power that awaits on the other side of the darkest days. With a background in health, fitness and sports science, Yvette coaches and mentors others to unlock those crossroads moments – when life splinters into the unimaginable – and experience the post-traumatic-growth that awaits.

Yvette Tarrant thought she had life figured out. A mother of two daughters, the wellness advocate had known her life partner, Luke since they were 15. Their future together was known, understood, expected. Until tragedy struck and Luke was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, passing away just 19-months later. He was only 44-years-old. Yvette’s life imploded. A solo parent to two teenage girls, Yvette thought the despair would consume her – and in a way, it did. But from the ash, she began to craft a newly formed version of herself. Determined not to be a victim of circumstance and to set an example for her girls, she slowly came to understand that society’s idea of a widow’s life was not for her – and that she could live a life that honoured her husband’s memory while stepping into her own embodied power.

Now a certified life and grief coach, Yvette mentors and guides others in how they too can lead a richly abundant and expansive life after loss – whether it’s grief for a loved one, or simply the death of an expected ideal; the loss of a job or an acute change of circumstance. Through personal experience, Yvette has learned that - if we allow it - grief can be a portal; an invitation to awaken and guide us deep into the heart and truth of who we really are, gifting us the ability to profoundly transform. Yvette’s powerful experience saves others time – deep diving through the healing process to shun a contracted, limited life and embody the growth and evolution that awaits.