Episode 163: Valentines Day Edition: How to Know the Difference Between Lust & Love

Feb 14, 2023

In this episode, Catherine & Kate show you how to clearly identify if you're falling for lust or deepening in love. Confusing lust for love is one of the key reasons why women rush the beginning of relationships, get swept away and lose sight of themselves in the process. If you are ready to experience real love, this episode is for you.

Women often feel lost, empty, broken or restful after a significant relationship ruptures. What if I told you your BEST years are yet to come? Relationship endings are one of the most powerful catalysts for growth. An opportunity to become the woman you've always dreamed of being. Now is your time.

Join Kate February 18 & 19th for a transformational weekend.

Link:  https://www.theunscriptdwoman.com/aligned-closure