Episode 143: How to Find Yourself Again After Divorce (or Breakup) with Leah Brathwaite

Sep 28, 2022

On this episode, Kate has a potent conversation with coach, speaker, and author Leah Brathwaite all about navigating divorce. They share tools & perspectives that will help you use this challenging time as a catalytic opportunity to grow & reclaim yourself.

About the Guest:

Leah Brathwaite is a Canadian author, life coach, entrepreneur and the founder of the Live Free Lifestyle Inc. a personal and professional coaching brand that helps clients create the dream vision they have for their lives and businesses.

Through her courses, coaching and writing, Leah combines mindset reprogramming, spirituality, energetics, Human Design and her intuitive gifts to help her clients clear limiting beliefs, connect with their purpose and achieve lasting freedom, fulfillment and success.