Episode 141: What High Quality Men Want in Relationships with Dave Weale

Sep 14, 2022

This week, Kate has a conversation with an amazing mens coach Dave Weale about high quality men, in dating & relationships. They explore what a high quality man is, where to meet them and what they're looking for in partnership with women. This episode gives you a peek into understanding men and their wounds more deeply - to give women a deeper perspective to understand when out there navigating the dating world.


About the Guest:

Dave Weale is the founder of Alpha Rising Menswork and the podcast Men Doing the Work. He is a men’s coach and breathwork facilitator. After his career as a professional skier ended with breaking his neck in 2012, he discovered a passion for healing, personal and spiritual growth and men’s work. Dave is on a mission to support men as they evolve into better husbands, fathers, and leaders and create more fulfillment in their lives.

Instagram: @alpharising.menswork

Website : https://www.alpha-rising.com/