Episode 140: Sex & Relationships (Part2) How to Bring Deeper Intimacy into Your Sex Life with Jamie Elizabeth Thompson

Sep 07, 2022

On this episode, Kate has a deeper dive with the Holistic Sex Coach - Jamie Elizabeth Thompson all about sex & intimacy in relationships. They dive into why sex is the first thing to go in romantic relationships, how to reignite the spark - and how to use intimacy as a catalyst for growth in partnership.

About the Guest:

After 15 years serving the field of transformation, and studying modalities from Tantra and sexual arts to Somatic Psychology and embodiment, Natural Law to Neuroscience; Jamie Elizabeth Thompson has developed a holistic body of work to support women, men and couples with letting go of limiting patterns around sex & intimacy so they can have a fulfilling intimate life and taste their most exquisite erotic expression. She is a radical contributor to the field of Sex Education and pioneering original and lasting solutions for challenges in sex & intimacy.

Jamie is the founder of Awakened Woman, a curriculum and community for women to reconnect with their feminine sensuality and power, and turn on their orgasmic potential. Hundreds of women have taken her group courses and attended her retreats. Fun fact: Jamie teaches the art of lap dancing.

Sex.Magic.Cervix Course: https://awakenedwoman.life/paths/sex-magic-cervix-live-virtual-container

Website: https://www.jamieelizabeththompson

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missjamieelizabeth

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holisticsexcoach/